Ektara VST / AU / AAX plugin

The SwarPlug synth plugin includes Ektara and over 100 other perfectly sampled virtual Indian instruments. It can be loaded in most VST, Audio Units and AAX compatible DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Protools, FL Studio etc... It also comes with lots of ready-made MIDI loops for each instrument.

About Ektara:

Ektara is a musical instrument that is common and popular among Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Hindi, and Urdu. The original Ektara is thought to have belonged to India's wandering bards and minstrels. The Ektara traditionally has one single string, as described by its name (Ek = one, Tar = string). The instrument has evolved, and Is now slightly different as it contains a bamboo flute attached to a mini drum made of skin. Adding a drum made of goatskin and a flute is crucial as it amplifies the resonance produced by the string when plucked. This is the common modern version used in Nepal and some parts of India.

It is not played like a guitar since it contains a single string (some have been modified to accommodate two strings). When playing this instrument, the player must hold it upright on the floor or on his lap. When in a vertical or upright position, the player grips the neck. The best place to grip is above the resonator or the wire adjusting peg.

For maximum sound to be produced, the Ektara player must use his index finger to pluck the string or strings in case of an Ektara with two strings. In other words, one hand needs to support the guard resonator while the other plucks the string. The particularity of this instrument is that you can play it and dance simultaneously. Additionally, you can wear jingles on your legs or wrists to create additional sound effects.

The desired pitch produced by this instrument can be regulated by pressing the neck of the Ektara in the middle section. This loosens and tightens the string at intervals, producing the target pitch. Different sizes of Ektara produce different notes that can be bass, tenor, or soprano. Most of the bass-producing Ektara has been designed to host two strings.

It is mostly used in Baul music of the Bengali. This is also one of the instruments that have been extensively used in different types of chanting during Hindu devotions.

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